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              ::The trip to FreeStyle Session 2G::              

weez at LAX in LA weez outside the hotel under the LA sun before the battles 206 step (tm)
domes with foot work Gedden with a dope freeze Fluid hitting a chair Banana with a chair
b.boy Geronimoooooooow! its the Juse Granite rockin' footwork Gedden and Granite ending their routine
Secret Squrl The Granite and Squrl doing a routine Brysen with a dope one-handed illy freshroc freeze bee 'hh hh the block is hott!!'
Lil Lazy with an air flair Squrl throughin' up west side and plus the footwork (flava) Tuff Kid in the house from Europe (Cali/Texas) Jome-skee (MM/RSC/DVS/FSS/ABC/123/AAA etc...)
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