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     ::Dancin Domes:..                                           
click for b.boy chronology Alias: Disco Domes
Ending b.boy suffix: Dancin
Origin: Hawaii
Age: he's our dad
Weight: a metric ton
Strength: equal to a gorilla
Trade mark move: elbo top roks and back o' the wrist russian kicks.

     ::Ana Banana:..                                           
click for b.boy chronology Alias: (Massive Monkees and) Fitch
Ending b.girl suffix: bitch
Origin: TroLL AzN
Age: 18 yrs.
Weight: her butt
Strength: her chest
Trade mark move: tit freeze, and back-owf-duh-niffoes fweesing

     ::Mista Fluid:..                                           
click for b.boy chronology Alias: Misetah Fluwies (translation: bboy Fluid)
Ending b.boy suffix: BaBiE PinAy
Origin: 46th st.
Age: female....
Weight: hecka less then flow
Trade mark move: back o the lip uprocks, one legged six step

     ::Flow Funk:..                                           
click for b.boy chronology

Alias: Flow Funk
Ending b.boy suffix: phat
Origin: HotRod
Age: 20 yrs.
Weight: Triple fat soul
Strength: Abstract freezes
Trade mark move: the TRoLL AZiAn freez and the Francisco sluff.

     ::Juse Boogy:..                                           
click for b.boy chronology Alias: Java Juse
Ending b.boy suffix: Rok (he made a shirt that says Juse Rok, he couldn't afford all the letters to spell juseboogy)
Origin: test tube
Age: 19 yrs.
Weight: He can't wait to go to ________.
Strength: he's weak w/o his "juse"
Trade mark move: poppin (he thinks he can pop... just watch him... comedy....), and his air juseflairs.

click for b.boy chronology Alias: Sysco
Ending b.boy suffix: the dragon
Origin: raised by wolves
Age: 19 yrs.
Weight: fluctuates in increments of 5lbs square rooted to the nth power then divided by pi and multiplied by the radius of the sun
Strength: He's black.
Trade mark move: worms

click for b.boy chronology Alias: Flip
Ending b.boy suffix: flip
Origin: flip
Age: flip
Weight: flip
Strength: you guessed it... flip!
Trade mark move: One step to flip to get up and flip again. And then a flip

     ::Corn Bread:..                                           
click for b.boy chronology Alias: the cool new york guy
Ending b.boy suffix: black
Origin: he originated from white stuff in the middle of the oreo cookie
Age: in his country he'd be four chest pounds and a wink old
Weight: lighter than Flow Funk
Strength: extra thick pubic hairs
Trade mark move: crying and faking injuries in the middle of a battle.

     ::Sir Squrl:..                                           
click for b.boy chronology Alias: Secret Squrl
Ending b.boy suffix: teeths
Origin: from a basket in the river
Age: 19 yrs.
Weight: 145 Ibs.
Strength: equal to a lion (looks like one too =)
Trade mark move: abstract strength moves

click for b.boy chronology Alias: Jeromeskee "kid"
Ending b.boy suffix: Skee "bee"
Origin: Fever, New York, Philippines "yo"
Age: 10 yrs. old "son"
Weight: "ahjush yo buh... ieoheven know bee." translation- "I don't actually know at this time my current weight 'bee.'"
Strength: Top roks
Trade mark move: "asdfask dk kd dk9ie n2234, I try to bust 2000ish bee but ieoheven know bee." translation- I could'nt really understand him either.

     ::Granite Rok:..                                           
click for b.boy chronology Alias: Granite Groove
Ending b.boy suffix: "fudge"
Origin: Adam's rib
Age: 19 yrs.
Weight: facial hair
Strength: having no common sense
Trade mark move: after doing twenty chairs in one set he puts lotion on his mustach

     ::DJ Benny:..                                           
Alias: DJ Benny
Ending b.boy suffix: One
Origin: Ultimate Hip-Hop City, New Mexico
Age: 10 yrs. old already with a full set of facial hair
Weight: 378 Ibs.
Strength: he's hard core dog, trust me.
Trade mark move: bringing his new mixtapes with him and playing it in his friends' car. Tuhh!

     ::Arma Gedden:..                                           
click for b.boy chronology Alias: Knife Boy
Ending b.boy suffix: Takamatiks
Origin: Japan
Age: Count the number of times he kicks when he breaks, and that'll be his age.
Weight: His cheek bones.
Strength: Panasonic
Trade mark move: Kicking people (including babies) in the circles.

click for b.boy chronology Alias: Rhthem Rage
Ending b.boy suffix: the cripple
Origin: Premier
Age: 21
Weight: buck 35
Strength: NON-VTEC
Trade mark move: Hittin them beats

click for b.boy chronology Alias:
Ending b.boy suffix:
Trade mark move:

     ::Lil Lazy:..                                           
click for b.boy chronology Alias: Samuel Phamongtongshipngosleepnoh-tip
Ending b.boy suffix: yo mama mothaf*ka
Origin: the hood b*tch
Age: sisteen due!
Weight: 90 pous cuz!
Strength: Why you is so worries to mees fo!?
Trade mark move: eh eh eh eh... eaufleuws!!!

click for b.girl chronology Alias:
Ending b.girl suffix:
Trade mark move:

     ::Hot Rod:..                                           
click for b.boy chronology

Ending b.boy suffix: HO!
Origin: BOSS
Age: 30
Weight: we always wait for his sluffin' assk.
Strength: Samantha
Trade mark move: Being late.

note: there are still unfinished bio's and unpictured members.

              ::footage of these apes:..                    

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