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b.boy chronology: Well. I grew up in a hard surrounding. My parents were killed when I was young and since then, I have chosen to avenge their death by conquering evil. I have recently moved to New York and live with this old white guy in a cave. Iím in skool for fashion design at Pratt Institute of Brooklyn and have narrowed my wardrobe to rubber body suits and long capes. They call me CoolAssCornBread on the streets. To my friends and family and fellow Monkees, I am know as Bruce Flame(r). But on the real, Iíve been a basement bboy for years and just got some balls after kickin it wiff my boys. Then they put me down before we became Monkees. I represent on the East Coast While Iím in skool and hold my own on the West. Big-ups ETC, Dot Com and my second home: NYC!
CornBread Says: You gets tha COCK!!
leg thread freez

chair grab-the-leg gay move
baby freez trade mark freez