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b.boy chronology: it was around 95 i saw my brother and his friends trying to some stuff on my livingroom floor. then i was like "what are you guys doing? are you trying to break?". i didnt think they were serious about it until i saw them battle. it was in the mercer middle school gym at an event called "breakwar". that i when i started or at least atempted to break. we started up a crew called A.B.C.(Another Boss Crew).
What the heck dog?!
Look... I'm a happy boy. Look... I'm a flexable boy too. Look... look at me... I'm a girl here. basicly the BOSS crew leftovers. which eventually became U.S.M. i can honestly say that i did it cause it was cool. cause every one was doing it at that time. then it kinda died out so i had to try to fake like i quit too (why am i so gay?). but no, i did keep with it for a while. until i met this one beez. i spent all my time with her so that left me no time to practice. then in 97 started kickin it with massive crew. i danced with them more than my own crew. yet i still represented U.S.M. that is when i really started to know what a bboy was. when massive monkees got together that is where i started to try other things. i always had love for poppin and lockin but i didnt take it seriously. i didnt know how dificult lockin was till i found the basics. there i so much to learn about lockin and poppin. it has its own history aside from the whole bboyin history. there are not that many people that lock in seattle. there is only one other guy besides me that locks. but im trying. i am also into other froms of dancing. i dont want to be known as just a bboy. i am a dancer first. i feel you need to be able to dance to be a bboy. being that bboyin is a dance.