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b.boy chronology: I began "break dancing" for fun in '95 on to '96. And only in '97 is when I began to get serious into b.boying and no longer just "break danced" and no longer just spun on my back. At this period of my b.boy career, I now completely understood the meaning of being a b.boy, and not just doing it because it was trendy. Later on, in '98, I had a change in course. Due to lack of motivation and inspiration, I quit. Finally on the month of September of '99, I got back in to it, and I've been dancin' ever since. But I literally had to start all over. I lost all my old stuff that I used to do and the stuff that I written down as well. I also had to re-learn my foundation. It's been hard, but God is my strength. "For nothing is impossible with God." -Luke 1:37

foot work no head chair
nipples ^_^ aiw fweece
have a nice day...