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b.boy chronology: Yo this is secret skwerl representing the massive monkees so watch it. I've been dancin for about 5 years. It takes alot of dedication to this unique form of dance. Art has alway's been a big part of my life and bboy'n was just so intresting I had to do it, and after I started I couldn't stop. There was one time where I feel off for awhile for a girl but then realized that bboy'n was worth more and if she didn't see that then fuck it. So here I am dancin and what I mean with this is for all you out there that see this is don't let anything stop you. Take it to the next level. Props to all the true Hip-Hop heads out there and keep rep'n Peace. . .

squrl/abstract air baby double knee air baby angled airbaby baby
Johnny..... whatchagot!?